Bill Hinderman


Robot Skills & Human Skills

I rewrote my résumé this weekend. Before this iteration, I hadn’t looked at it in a few years. The previous was a too-full single page PDF that could be printed and shared among people that would…


I’m writing a book

A few weeks ago, I posted about being asked to speak at the Data Visualization Summit in Boston.  That happened at the end of September.  It was fun and neat and good and everyone should speak at as many…


Nigerian Royalty

I get a lot of email at work. I’m on eleven team distribution lists, I run our UI community of practice, I get a slew of automated garbage, and that doesn’t include emails actually sent to me. Back in…


Everything is Ugly Until I Make It

This thought originally posted on medium. Knowing what’s wrong and fixing what’s wrong are not the same thing. I had a few friends over back in December. College friends, work friends, a girl I was seeing…