Bill Hinderman


Hey, gang.

I’m Bill.

I’m the Optimization and Experimentation Engineering Lead at Raise Marketplace. My team and I are responsible for creating both the framework for, and the mindset around lightweight A/B experimentation within Raise’s web and app experiences.

I’ve led site optimization teams at both Expedia Inc., and Orbitz Worldwide. At Expedia, our team focused specifically on the air product vertical. At Orbitz, I built the A/B testing development practice from the ground up, focusing on experimenting and optimizing across all product verticals while simultaneously accelerating and training specific product teams to do the same.

I’m also the author of Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web, a book on the processes of building code-driven data visualization upon the principles of responsive web design.

I fly to different cities as often as I can to talk about the future of web development, data visualization, and cross-platform design.

Let’s be BFFs.